The One Mistake You Are Making Every Time You Set A Goal

I see it all the time every time you set a goal.

You feel ready to go the next step, the next level BUT you keep making this one mistake.

You don’t take action.

Instead, you spend all your time overthinking and over-planning secretly wishing that everything is going to fall into your lap.


This isn’t how it works.

There’s no affirmation, mantra or magic spell that will bring your goals into reality.

I’m speaking from experience. I remember a time when I would talk about all the things I wanted to be, do and have and then I would spend hours (and I mean hours) learning instead of doing the work.

You aren’t going to launch a business, write a book or get your life together by never implementing the things you did learn. At some point you have to sit your butt down and do the work that’s going to help you achieve your goals.

But let’s face it that the moment you do sit down, ready to do the work, you get derailed by obstacles either externally but more than likely internally.

The stories that you are telling yourself will stop you in your tracks and suck the motivation right out of you.

Have you not reached the level of enough is enough?

Do you want to just think about your dreams and goals?

Or do you actually want to make them happen?

Just think about every time you set a goal and what happened right after.

You tell yourself, you’re not good enough, worthy enough or even think that you don’t really have what it takes.

What if I told you that you are ready now?

That you are worthy and deserving?

And that you just have to dare yourself to get it done?

I’ve created The Gathering to support you exactly where you are. Whether you want to get your life in order or if you want to launch your ideas into the world, the gathering is a community of like-minded people to go the next level – to finally put your butt in the chair and do the work.

You can stay where you are right now or you can decide to stop making excuses!

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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