You never know where this road leads

You never know where this road leads! We all have a vision of the things we want to do and accomplish, but how one gets there is not as easy as just going from point A to point B. Sometimes you must take detours.

About 20 years ago I had this vision of owning a craft store. I wanted to sell my own creations, but also support other artists.  I’ve primarily worked out of my home, sitting in front of the television, crocheting. Listening to music and wood burning, but it was never the vision I had in mind.

It has been a huge dream of my life. And then there were times I wanted to be a web-designer and decided to go to college for an associate’s degree.

In the process, I learned despite my disliking at math I am good at bookkeeping and all that it entails and another situation moved me towards my accounting degree.

But if I am going, to be honest, I always wanted to be a therapeutic foster mom. But when my youngest got diagnosed with a rare disorder, I knew I needed to pursue my therapy degree. And I did.

And here I sit, at my reflecting on where I’ve been and how I got here. It was a lot of working, thinking and talking to the right kind of people. And getting over the fear. I’ve been a coach, business strategist and virtual assistant far longer than I’ve ever held any career in my entire life.

And the thing about that is, I get o design my day and my week the way I want to and do all the things I love but it also means doing things that may not be a favorite thing for me to do – but this is why I created the 30-day business challenge.

30-Day Business Challenge

But what exactly drives me? What drives you?

I fully believe we should all pursue everything we ever wanted to learn, know and do.

And part of being in business, means pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. It means taking action daily that feels weird and awkward.

How many have you brushed away thinking you can’t, don’t have the time or talked yourself out of it for another reason?

The 30-Day Business Challenge is here to help small business get on top of their daily to-do list and create a little bit or a lot of bit of change because when you keep going you don’t know where this road leads, the new ideas and inspiration that keep driving your business forward.

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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