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May 26, 2019Writing

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Do you ever think you want to write an e-book and think there’s no way you can do that?

Think again!

Remember back to your school days and you had to write essays and reports? Well, that means you can write an e-book too.

Now think about writing multiple essays – one for each chapter so to speak – and voila you can compile them and you have an ebook to share with the world.

But why would you want to write an ebook?

Well for one, you have a message to share. And secondly, information products are one of the easiest things to sell online if you are interested in creating additional income or make it THE income. You write the ebook, compile it and it’s ready to be sold to your customers automatically.

Ok, sounds simple enough if you don’t think about the marketing that comes with it but ebooks have an advantage such as: no inventory, no shipping cost and it can be automated.

And you can expand on your e-book by turning it into an audiobook and sell it as a download on e-Bay, iTunes and so on. You can read out the ebook yourself or hire a professional to do it.


I briefly mentioned marketing already which is the plan for you how you are going to share that you have something to sell.

People won’t know it exists if you don’t tell them an therefore it cannot be bought by them. Things to consider is having sales page and some marketing ideas and strategies to let the world know about your ebook.

Of course, you can hire someone to help you with your sales page and the process and is an investment that’s worth it.

Start with the Table of Contents

When you know the topic of your ebook, it’s time to create the Table of Contents. This is your outline for your ebook that gives you guidance on how your ebook will flow. This is not the final version perhaps, sometimes when I write I end up rearranging the chapters for the ebook to make more sense.

There is one difference. Instead of striving to get your point across in a concise manner as you would when writing an article, expand on each topic. Take your time and explore each point completely.

Key things to keep in mind when writing each chapter, keep your sentences and paragraphs clear and concise. This means, don’t try to be too wordy just to meet a certain word count.

Your draft will go through changes

When you begin to write, you will find yourself getting some new ideas and the original thought might not fit anymore. You can always change the titles and subtitles so that it flows in a way that feels good to you.

Writing an ebook doesn’t have to be stressful, just pick a topic and then start writing one chapter at a time. When you feel stuck, skip it for the moment and work on a different chapter. The information you want to add will come to you.

But you might find yourself challenges and keep pushing it off and it doesn’t have to be that way. You could be writing 3 ebooks in 90-days and start selling them when you commit to sharing your message. And frankly, it doesn’t have to be non-fiction – you could totally write fictional stories or compile an ebook of short stories.

This is your life and how do you however you want.

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