What Resources You Need to Live the Good Life?

Mar 29, 2021Success

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As you plan your future business and get ready to create your business plan, you need to understand what resources you need to live the good life you want. You don’t want your business to interfere with it. In fact, you want your business to provide the good life you want. It’s not an either-or choice if you think about all this in advance.

What is a resource? A resource can be either internal or external. For example, you have internal resources such as your own knowledge, skills, qualities, habits, techniques, your own funds, and things you’ve learned over time. External sources may include your access to people in the know, books, software, funds, and so forth.

When you look at your vision board and the goals you’ve set for each of the eight areas of life, what resources do you really need? Some resources you come across will be required, and some will be desired but not out and out required.

Let’s remember the eight areas of life and show an example of the possible resources you need for each area. I included some ideas for you to get you started. This is not comprehensive because it’s hard to know what any one person may have or need as this is very individual, so try to answer this for yourself using the example.

Career and Business

Resources I have:

  • Coaching Certification
  • Time Management Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Computer
  • Coaching Software
  • Online Communities
  • Mastermind Group
  • $5000 Start-Up Funding

Resources I need:

  • Programming Skills
  • Email Marketing Software
  • A Website
  • An Office Space
  • Clients

Health and Fitness

Resources I have:

  • A Good Mindset
  • Gym Membership
  • Good Shoes
  • My Best Friend (Motivation)
  • $400 Monthly Budget

Resources I need:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Regular Dental Care
  • Healthy Grocery Budget
  • Full House Water Filter

Relationships and Social Life

Resources I have:

  • A supportive spouse
  • Three great kids
  • Backyard Pool
  • A Healthy Outlook
  • Good Communication Skills

Resources I need:

  • Bigger Dining Room Table
  • A Vacation Home
  • Time


Resources I have:

  • $5000 Startup Cash
  • A Business Idea
  • A Personal Budget

Resources I need:

  • Bookkeeping Software
  • A CPA
  • A Business Plan
  • A Retirement Plan

Personal and Spiritual Development

Resources I have:

  • My church
  • My book club group
  • My community
  • My health

Resources I need:

  • Books
  • Counselor
  • Like-Minded People

Add what you have and what you need to ensure you can do your hobbies and have fun.

Home and Environment

What do you have already that makes your home environment the way you want it, and what do you need to improve it based on your lifestyle goals?

Community Involvement

The same thing goes here, list all the resources you have and that you need to achieve the results you desire.

Some of the resources you need you may not have yet, or you may not even be sure what they are yet, but as you move along, you’ll discover what is needed, and you can add those to the list of resources you need. Make sure you create your resource list based on what you have available first and then what you need to acquire for each of the areas of life you want to design and improve.

Understanding exactly what you need for success in each of the eight areas of life will help you ensure that you are working toward your goal in a way that makes it possible to succeed. If you don’t have the resource yet, you can use the information you’re gathering to set up a plan to get those resources.


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