What Really Makes Your Life Good?

Feb 25, 2021Success

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As you are deciding the type of business you want to start, it’s crucial to think about what, in your opinion, makes your life good and how will this business help you achieve the things that make your life good for you? In some circles, this is called lifestyle design. Lifestyle design basically holds that you are in full control of your own life and your own choices.

Most people don’t start off thinking about actually constructing their life intentionally. Due to that, they end up suffering the consequences. If you genuinely want to create a life that is precisely what you want, you can, but you need to know what that is first.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you here? – This question is really about what your purpose in life is to you? It can help you to create a mission statement. Your purpose should spell out what really matters to you in life.
  • What do you want to achieve? – To answer this question, many people have found it helpful to write their obituary. If you die at the ripe old age of 120, what do you hope you have accomplished? Spell it out as if it happened.
  • What energizes and animates you? – When you’re doing things, what can you point to that you do without complaint? Is there something you’ve been involved in that makes you excited and even forget that you’re working?
  • What do you love to do most? – Can you name one thing you love to do the most out of anything else. Don’t think about money making things when you answer. Think about what makes you feel happy. When you exude joy, it’s obvious you like what you’re doing.
  • Where will you do it? – When you think about doing what makes you most happy, where do you want to be when you do it? Do you envision a lovely home, or do you imagine a penthouse apartment, or do you see something else?
  • Who will you do it with? – What type of people do you want to surround yourself with? Think about partners for work but also think about your personal life and how you see it. Even if the person doesn’t exist, you can describe their personality, principles, morals, and values.
  • What sort of impact do you hope to make doing it? – Ultimately, what impact do you hope to have on your world doing this thing you want to do? What impact will it have on you, your family, your friends, your customers, and the world at large? This is vital information for you to figure out.

Before you can design your ideal business, you need to define your ideal lifestyle and life. Create a vision board for every single aspect of your life so that you have set goals to work toward. When you know what success looks like to you, it will be a lot easier experiencing it.


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