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Jun 29, 2020Dreams + Goals

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Turn your thoughts into action so you can stop talking about what you’ll do one day and become someone who shows up for themselves. Are you actively going after your goals or someone that watches on the sidelines as other people follow their dreams and focus on their goals?

I launched The Rebels Den in January 2019, stepping away from branding my own name and instead chose to create something that I believe will have much more of an impact in the lives of rebels, creatives and those that don’t ever feel like they fit in.

Because I am one of those people!

And when I know one thing is that when it comes to your goals, we don’t necessarily follow the strategy that “other” successful people seem to employ.

We struggle with rigid schedules that would provide us with being productive for hours on end.

We find it difficult to play inside conformity, where everything feels safe and secure when all we want to do is be ourselves and do what we love.

We believe that we can without question make a living with your skills, gifts, and talents even if we have to fight our own mindset every now and again.

We know that some structure is necessary to maintain the focus on our goals and we are always tweaking what works best for us.

We also know that investing in ourselves is important in order to learn something new, to hold ourselves accountable and get the support we need in order to achieve our goals.

More importantly, I don’t like to play around with my ideas, I prefer to turn them into something a bit more solid. When I want to write a book, I write a book. When I want to launch a new blog, I launch a new blog. I want to create a coloring book in 30 days or less than that’s what I’ll do. When I have a new idea for an offer or a service, I don’t pussyfoot around, nope I am telling you what I am offering and voila here we are.

Turn your thoughts into action with the From thought to action 30-day Challenge Club is open to support you in taking one goal and taking action for 30 days!

I have some big goals I want to achieve on a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily basis and here’s the thing, this only happens when we hold ourselves accountable and take action.

The from thought to action 30-Day Challenge Club is for you if

  • you are ready to show up and do the work
  • you know that you are responsible for your own success
  • you know that having support + guidance will help you

Creating a single focus doesn’t mean neglecting all the other things that need to get done but when you ask yourself “what are going to make happen?” and allow the thoughts to enter and then choose one goal with clarity and focus, can make an immediate shift in your life or business. 

So what big goal do you want to achieve? Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger and make the goal a bit scary and use the resources I’ve created to make it happen. 

So, are you up for the challenge?


  • Join the Challenge
  • Go to the current month + work through each step
  • Commit to taking action for 30 days
  • Join the FB Community for support + weekly office hour threads!
  • Achieve your goal by showing up every day.


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