True Freedom, the ability to take detours

Nov 19, 2019Reflection

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True freedom, the ability to take detours to hit me one time when we decided to go home after one of our excursions but didn’t realize it was, in fact, quite the detour.

Have you ever gone on a road trip without a destination? Or simply decided to take a different way home?

It’s during such road trips that you can feel the freedom, and to embrace the adventure you’re on.

There’s something exciting when you are heading out onto the road with destination unknown and then trying to maneuver your way back at the end of the day.

Road trips are the mirror reflection of what life represents to me. We all come to crossroads at one point or another, literally and figuratively.

And we were 3 hours from home, stopping for dinner overseeing the sunset by the beach. It was a nice ending to a great day spent at the water.

And instead of going home the way we knew would get us there, we decided to go the long way, except neither one of us realized it was a really long detour. But, it’s also freedom.

Freedom to experience something new and different. It ended up being the night of crossing all the bridges.

And I am sharing this with you because I believe that we all crave that kind of freedom so we can too gain perspective and see the goodness in the situation.

Yes, it as a bit frustrating because we incidentally added an additional 2 hours to our drive home.

But what I learned from it is that when you come to a crossroads, you can in fact take a detour and see some goodness in it. For me, it was spending a few more hours with my guys before the reality of work set back in.

Road trips help me disengage from sitting behind the computer for too long or scroll through Facebook endlessly without getting anything done.

Taking detours, allows me to reflect where I am at the moment and where I would rather be and how can I best get back on track to head into the proper direction.

Yes, detours are annoying and frustrating when you realize that perhaps another way would have been better.

But what if for just one moment, you appreciate the detour you’ve taken, find and see the good and take a moment to reflect on where you really want to go?

True freedom happens in the space of reflection.

And sometimes you just need a little bit more clarity when you’re at a crossroad or some support when you realize you’re in the middle of the detour.


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