Top Things To Consider Before Getting Your First Piercing

So, you’re thinking about getting your first piercing. This can be a fantastic idea – or it can be a terrible one, it depends on the person! Generally, piercings pave the way for accessories to add to your look and make you feel more unique. They can enhance and compliment your style, but there are things to consider before you get one. After reading through the points below, you should know whether or not a piercing is right for you, and how to get one as safe as possible. 

Why do you want a piercing?

What’s your reasoning for getting one? If it’s an impulsive decision that you made because you want to do something different, that’s cool! Or, if it was something you’ve wanted to do forever but always felt too scared and have finally plucked up the courage…also cool! There are many good reasons to want a piercing, and only one bad one; to fit in. You thought your days of trying to fit in ended when you left school, but this is something you might deal with all your life. If you’re only getting a piercing because everyone you hang around with has one and are almost forcing you to do it, then it’s not a good idea! Only get one if it is your decision – and make sure it is a sober decision too. 

Where will you get the piercing?

Most people opt for an earlobe piercing as their first one, purely because it’s the least painful and seen as the most versatile. However, you can choose any body part you want – within reason. A good idea is to consider the versatility of the pierced spot. For instance, there is a wide selection of nipple piercing rings, bars, and studs that you can buy. Likewise, you can get so many different earrings or nose rings. The best piercing is one that lets you do a lot with it, so you get the most out of it! Consider the pain as well – can you handle pain well? If you can’t, certain piercings are off the table. 

How should you get your piercing?

From a qualified beauty technician that has been trained to pierce you. Most beauty salons will have piercing services provided by professionals, and this is the safest way to get your piercing. They will sterilize everything beforehand and use the correct tools to ensure you are pierced with minimal risk of infections. Avoid going to random accessory stores that offer piercings, or any service that does it with a piercing gun. This is an unhygienic way of being pierced as the gun can’t be sterilized, so there’s a high risk of infections. Get it done by a qualified professional and ensure they sterilize everything beforehand. 

Right, you now know how to get a piercing, as well as some careful considerations before deciding to get one. If you still want to go through with this, you have unlocked another aspect of your personal style to play around with. Your piercing will add something to your outfits, as well as your personality. 

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