Support Groups Can Be Helpful When You’re Feeling Alone

Jan 29, 2021Support

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When it comes to finding people to lean on during your rough spots, support groups of various types exist and can be incredibly helpful when you’re feeling alone or don’t know how to cope with a particular problem. One of the things you now know about getting through challenging times is the benefit of not trying to handle it all alone.

About Support Groups

There are support groups to assist people through all sorts of different issues. No matter what you’re dealing with, there are likely others who are experiencing the same thing. Mental health groups are common. These are usually run by trained practitioners such as therapists or counselors. They can address specific conditions like bipolar disorder or depression. Another type of popular group is those for those with addiction. These networks, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Narcotics Anonymous, offer a judgment-free environment for those who have substance abuse issues or their families. There are also groups that are meant to help people with an addiction to a specific drug or substance. Bereavement groups for individuals dealing with the loss of a loved one are another kind you might find. In addition, people with medical conditions may wish to look for a support group to help them understand their options and to cope. You can find a support group with options for both sufferers and for their loved ones. Caregiver or parent groups are common.

Benefits of Support Groups

A Support group can offer so many benefits. For one, they’re a valuable resource. Sometimes you need information that’s simply not easily accessible on your own. Also, it’s therapeutic to be able to talk to people experiencing a similar situation to your own. People in your life, even those close to you, may simply not understand what you’re going through.

Involvement in a supportive environment such as a group setting lets you know you’re not going through a situation on your own and that you’re no different. It’s soothing to see that others are like you, to be able to hear about their similar struggles and the ways in which they are dealing with them. The leaders of support groups often provide incredible advice and insight on your specific problem. This can also be said of fellow group members. Sometimes hearing their stories can be most insightful. 

How to Find Them

Finding a support group to fit your needs is probably not all that difficult. You can start with a quick search online for a group catering to your specific interest in the nearby geographic area. You may also wish to talk to your doctor if it’s a medical issue you’re struggling with. Social service agencies can point you in the direction of groups to help with mental health conditions. Local hospitals are often a source of various supportive services, as well. If you’re comfortable sharing your personal details, friends and family could also point you in the right direction for helpful information. 

Truly, it isn’t necessary to fight your particular battle all alone. A support group offers so many benefits and can make your journal much more manageable. 


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