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Sep 8, 2021Creativity

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Writers call it writer’s block or the blank page syndrome. For painters, it’s the fear of the blank canvas. Everyone suffers from inspiration issues. Some days, it feels like the ideas well has dried up. You’re sitting at your desk, unable to come up with a new idea. You constantly find yourself coming back to the same old tricks. And while they work, they’re starting to get dull for you and your customers. Does it mean it’s time to change careers and start new? Not so fast. There may be a lot of reasons why your brain is struggling with new thoughts. Perhaps, you are going through a lot of stress, or you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. Changing your diet to favor brand food, such as dark chocolate, fatty fish, and nuts, can improve cognitive and creative processes. Adjusting your lifestyle to gain mental clarity can make a big difference. But what if you’ve done all that and are still not seeing any changes? Here are some tips to unlock your mind power. 

Learn to collaborate with others

The business sector enables you to reach out to potential partners to collaborate on a common project. Collaborating with other players in your niche can be an eye-opening experience. For a start, it enables you to address bigger projects with more responsibilities. But it also means you can discover a new way of thinking about familiar problems. By experiencing a fresh perspective on your day-to-day routine, you can also learn new thought patterns and approaches to overcome the creative block. 

Expose yourself to new knowledge

Creativity hides in every path of life. Sometimes, it can be useful to walk away from the desk and dive into a different world of expertise. A lot of entrepreneurs enjoy artistic hobbies that allow them to explore their subconscious thinking. More and more people talk about artistic exhibitions and shows as a creative boost, even if they only sat among the audience. The reason why the art world is so popular is that it connects you to your emotions and allows you to forget about strategic and logical patterns. Yet, it still conveys a powerful and universal message. Initiatives such as blockchaingallery can help you dive into wrt at your own pace, as you learn more about renowned artists and their perceptions. It not only makes a great conversation ice breaker, but it also encourages you to increase your emotional intelligence. Without emotion, your ideas could fall flat and forgotten. 

Try out new sports

Maintaining regular physical activity increases your blood flow to your organs. As the blood carries oxygen, doing sports delivers more oxygen to your brain, which helps with all functions, including the thinking process. So, hitting the gym makes you biologically more creative. But some sports can also force you to think creatively. Parkour, for instance, enhances your imagination as you picture ways through the obstacles or the landscape you want to explore. Running and walking increase the creative process. It’s no wonder that Steve Jobs used to schedule walking meetings! 

Are you ready to unlock your brain power? Running out of thinking juice is no fun. But the ideas well is not really dry. You just need to introduce new tactics to discover other ideas. 


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