Keeping That Light On: 3 Ways To Keep the Ideas Flowing

The notion of creativity is something that we all need to harness. There are many people that think that creativity is something that only comes out of the blue. And while we associate creativity with artistry, when it comes to being creative, whether you need to come up with more business ideas or you need to start creating pieces of art, the fact is that there are many tactics to use to keep our ideas flowing. So let’s show you some key approaches. 

Get Away From Where You Normally Work

Changes in scenery are incredibly effective because you are stimulating your brain with different colors and sounds. When you sit in the same place constantly, it’s not going to give you the same frame of mind that is conducive to creativity. The fact is that you can easily just go out for a walk and start to observe, rather than trying to come up with X amount of ideas. Because now you can use a drawing tablet with screen or your phone as a way to jot down ideas. When you have a drawing tablet or a notepad with a pen, you can make quick work of these ideas. Because the fact is that we just need to come up with ideas; we form them later on. 

Think of Creativity as a Skill

Creativity is something that we can nurture and strengthen. Most people think that they are either creative, or they are not. This is not true in the slightest. Because creativity is something that is borne out of us losing our inhibitions, this is something that we can all work on. So rather than saying you are not creative, you can file this notion away. Because you can foster creativity in so many ways. And by telling yourself that you are not creative means you are automatically putting up a barrier between yourself and any results. 

Absorb More Information

Robin Williams said that whenever he felt dry, he read a book or watched something, and he felt more coming back to him. You can do exactly the same. You may think that if you want to come up with ideas, they have to be original but the fact is that even a snippet of an idea can lead you down a whole new path. There are only seven stories in the world and when you start to think about this, it’s amazing what could be created from such an almost limited selection of ideas. Because we have to remember that we are showing an idea as a finished product, not the millions of permutations that came before it. So when you start to get inspiration by reading other things or watching a movie, it can let you down a whole new and exciting path. 

So whether it’s creating art or starting a business, the fact is that ideas can flow. They don’t have to be amazing, but the fact is that as soon as you start generating ideas, more will come and it’s this really exciting period that completely opens up your creativity.

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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