Ready for 2020 Vision Goals to be a reality?

Ready for 2020 Vision? Or would you rather have another year go by where you struggle to achieve your most important goals?

But you have to have a vision in order to know what goals you are going after, create a strategic plan so you know you can achieve it and create an accountability and support system to help you get there. 

So many people talk about what they are going to do one day only to have another year go by without getting clear on their goals, defining what needs to get done and then show up for themselves.

Don’t let this be you! The you, filled with dreams and ideas!
Don’t just talk about the things you want to do.
Don’t just side on the sideline and watch everyone else achieve their goals.

You’re ready for 2020 vision if

  • you are done playing small
  • you had enough with our own excuses
  • you are committing to you and your life
Ready for 2020 Vision Goals to be a reality?

Here’s the breakdown of how this is going to work: 

Week 1-2: Create your own personal 2020 vision

Get clear on your vision of your dreams and turn them into goals.

  • Choose goals that don’t overwhelm you before you even got started
  • Use a customized goal-setting template to maintain 2020 vision
  • Pick the 4 most important goals and 1-2 OMG I’m excited goals

Week 3-4: Create a strategic plan and create habits that support you

Setting goals isn’t enough. You have to know how to get there and we’ll create a 30, 60, and 90-day action plan to build habits and identify the next steps toward your goals. 

  • Lay foundation habits and dismantle old ones
  • Choose your daily and weekly priorities
  • Become aware of mindset challenges

Weeks 5-8: Take action and don’t give excuses a chance

It’s time to take action and you’ll be given tools and tips to handle challenges that are sure to come up and master them with confidence.  

  • Use the secret power of journaling
  • Learn and use mindset tricks to eliminate procrastination
  • Use weekly reflection and review to avoid getting stuck

Ongoing personal accountability and execution

And so you can reflect on 2020 and know that you owned, we’ll develop an accountability plan for the year so you can stay focused and motivated no matter what’s trying to jump into your way.  

Your investment $997 or 2 payments of $499

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Don’t allow for another year to be a smattering of disappointment.  

After you fill out the questionnaire you’ll be guided through my onboarding process. Once payment is received, I’ll email you my link for the calendar so you can book your first session.

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Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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