Quick Content Idea: Best of Blog Posts

I’m sure you’ve seen “Best of” blog posts across the web. But have you ever done one of your own? Even if you have, I’m sure there are plenty of other compilation posts you could put together. 

You can find blog posts about “how-to” type information like using images and cross-linking posts. A quick content idea that ties in well with cross-linking is to create a showcase of your older blog posts and get them a little extra attention. 

If you’re not familiar with the idea, let me give you a quick rundown. A “Best of” Blog post is nothing more than a list of links to posts on a related topic. Let’s say you have a recipe blog where you share a variety of recipes. You could do a post about no-bake desserts or kid-friendly slow cooker recipes. You introduce your readers to the topic and then just make a list of all the recipes on your site that follow that theme. Link to them all and if you’re feeling ambitious, add a little paragraph about each recipe and a picture of the dish. 

You can do this for any type of blog. If you blog about online marketing, make a best list building tips post. If you’re blogging about weight loss, write up a best weight lost tips and tricks post. If you’re a parenting blogger, share 15 easy summer crafts to do with the little ones. 

Just look through your blog and see what posts you can compile into a “best of” type post. Don’t think that you’re limited to your own blog posts. There’s no reason why you can’t link to posts by other bloggers in your niche. It’s a great way to support your friends and get to know other bloggers. Who knows, you may find other ways to collaborate once you establish that relationship. Just don’t use anyone’s images or more than a snippet of text without their permission. 

Give it a try. Browse through your blog posts and make a list of thematically related posts. I find it helps to focus on one category at a time, since those topics already follow a loose theme. Then get to work, and start a few “best of” posts in drafts. They’ll be ready and waiting for you anytime you need to publish a post. 

Best of all, since these posts are such a treasure trove of information on one specific topic, they are much more likely to get shared around. Especially if you take the time to come up with a catchy title for your post and create a pretty collage image that makes it easy to share on social media. 

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