Procrastination is a killer

Aug 14, 2019Tips'n'Tools

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Do you keep saying I’ll do it later whenever you are facing a task? Are deadlines creeping up on you? Procrastination is a killer of making things happen and hinders you in achieving your goals.

For many people, putting off their work for later is more habit than desire. And it can be so hard to get into a groove of sitting down, doing the work and stay focused on the tasks on hand.

And I’ve been there always talking about the things I would do one day but then never sitting down and doing the work. So many ideas and dreams and a life to live and I couldn’t figure out how to manage my time juggling the life of a medically fragile child, a blended family, college work and work.

So I know first hand what it feels like when you’re constantly pulled into all kinds of directions in life and work. But I also know, you can reduce the chaos you may be experiencing with the right tools and techniques. And really what’s working for me may not work for you because we all operate differently when it comes to getting things done. There isn’t a one size fits all so I want to introduce you to

Procrastination is a killer

The ultimate Productivity Bundle is a collection of curated resources from all different creators with different perspectives and techniques. Here’s just a few resources available in this bundle.

Time Management

  • Time Management How to Finish Your To-Do List Every Day! by Marcia Ramsland ($47.00)
    (Video) This video will show you how to turn the chaos of the day into calm control with smart planning and your TO-DO List will get done, your home will be cleaner, your work will get done, and you’ll be happier and relaxed.
  • It’s About Time by Aby Garvey ($49.00)
    (eBook) Create a customized time management system that is in sync with your values and priorities and helps you feel in control with Its About Time.


  • The Planner Obsessed™ Planner [The Silver Edition] by Carlie & Hannah Kercheval  ($15.00)
    (Planner) The Planner Obsessed™ Planner will help you get your life organized, all while creating the habits to make your life the best it can be.
  • The S.O.S. Planner by Kayse Pratt ($29.00)
    (Planner) The S.O.S. Planner gives you back your time, schedule, and sanity, by helping you organize every aspect of your life.


  • The Personal Productivity Toolkit by Paul Minors ($197.00)
    (eCourse) Beat overwhelm and learn how to get more done, in less time. Fast! Learn how to master your email, manage your time and create a simple system for increasing your efficiency and staying organised.
  • Work by Design Summit by Claire Diaz Ortiz ($67.00)
    (Summit) The Work by Design Summit All Access Pass gives you lifetime access to interviews with 50+ productivity experts who finally help you make REAL productivity work in your REAL life. 

And they are having a Flash Sale today and tomorrow!

Get your bundle now!

Procrastination is a killer with all the excuses you make of why you can’t make all the things happening for you. But with the Ultimate Productivity Bundle, you can be in control of your time and also have room for self-care.

Here’s a quick overview of what is in the Bundle

Get your bundle now!
  • Time Management (5 of products worth $132.98)
  • Daily Planners (9 products worth $169.99)
  • Goal Setting (5 products worth $406.98)
  • Goal Planners (8 products worth $144.00)
  • Home Management (3 products worth $123.00)
  • Home Management Planners & Printables (7 products worth $82.96)
  • Mindset & Self-Care (5 products worth $94.99)
  • Productivity at Work (5 products worth $369.00)

Procrastination is a killer when you are trying to take care of home, life and business. But this with bundle you will learn how to not only manage your time, but set goals that matter to you.

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