Play Brain Games To Strengthen Your Mind

Keeping your mind stimulated is a great way to practice self-care. When you do the same things in the same way every day, your brain can get weak just like muscles do when you don’t use them! To keep your mind from stagnating, challenge yourself with some activities that will work out your brain! This is why you should play brain games and puzzles to strengthen your mind, like the ones below:


This is a Japanese number game that varies in difficulty. The object of this game is to use a partially filled in graph, and fill in each column, row, and larger squares (with the same number of squares as the rows and columns) with one of each number (usually by using the numbers 1-9.) What makes it challenging is that you can never have a repeating number within any of the squares, rows, or columns. You can buy a book of Sudoku puzzles and fill them in with pencil, and/or there are lots of Sudoku apps for your smartphone as well! Playing Sudoku can help improve short-term memory and logic skills.

Word Search

This can seem like an easy activity mostly done by kids. However, larger word searches can be perfect for a quick little brain exercise that can help you be more observant and sharp. Word search books are easy to find, and all you need is something to mark the words with! You can also download word search games from your phone’s app store as well. Lots of them offer different themes, so you can find a word search that works out your mind and is about something you enjoy!


You don’t have to be a genius or a professional player to benefit from playing chess. Even if you’ve never played before, learning a new skill is still great for strengthening the brain! Playing chess is very stimulating for the mind, and helps develop critical and strategic thinking. You can play chess in person with others, or play online!

Memory Match Games

Another activity you may assume is just for kids, memory matching games are actually GREAT for improving memory for anyone! These games can be played alone, or with multiple people for an extra challenge. You can buy or create your own memory tiles, or play on your smart device it’s totally up to you!

These games are perfect for almost anyone to enjoy, but a quick online search can also help you find more specific brain and puzzle games to strengthen your brain!

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