My Rebel Goals for 2021

Oct 29, 2020Discovery

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My Rebel Goals workbook + planner is here for you to create a reset and pause for a moment so you can develop the clarity you need and choose goals that excite you, make more space for self-love, develop habits that support you, your life and your dreams + goals and fuel your life with passion!

Something I love is how every year is a bit of a reset and a new discovery of some of the things I feel called to create. Every year has part of the foundations I laid down from years before and yet I am surprised of some of the the things I feel called to explore.

One of those things is exploring different mediums in my art experience. This year for instance I’ve been working with resin in my ornaments and some of my pyrography – while also trying to decide what type of art classes I would like to take. I am often intimidated when it comes to painting and yet that is the one I feel called to the most.

My Rebel Year theme for 2021 is Love Yourself and part of my Rebel Goals is to explore what that looks like for me and definitely what that means to me – because let’s be honest we cannot love ourselves enough!

The fun thing I discovered in creating My Rebel Goals Workbook is that I didn’t know what I wanted to add into it – I knew goal planning was and is a part of it – but it’s definitely more about creating a personalized self-care routine and creating habits that support you.


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