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Apr 20, 2019Music Corner

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Anyone that knows me well, will know that Iron Maiden IS my favorite band. It’s the band that catapulted me into the world of heavy metal. A few years ago, I got a tattoo with The Trooper and the German Flag colors. But that’s not what I am going to talk about today, maybe.

There a ton of songs that I love by them and the latest comes from the album “A Matter of Life and Death” and is called “These Colours Don’t Run“.

“These Colours Don’t Run” comes from an incident at Ozzfest 2005. During this event, the crowd went crazy during Iron Maiden’s performance by hurling eggs and bottles at the band, with one audience member running on stage with an American flag. In the heat of the rampage, Dickinson held up a British flag and said, “This is a fucking British flag, and these colours don’t fucking run!”

Now I am not a fan of anyone berating or bad mouthing how someone does things or the likes and dislikes of things. If we all felt and believed the same, how boring our world would be. And yet at the time, I believe we can have our thoughts and opinions about them. Sometimes that is a fine balancing act. Now about the song…

It doesn’t matter where you from because every nation believes in some way that facing the enemy and stand your ground is the way to win the war. And yes, this can mean an actual war that nations have faced for centuries. And wars have been won and lost and yet nations till stand, their colors and the flag still strong in its foundation.

But on a personal level, we all – ok maybe just me – have a personal war inside of us. And there’s an enemy within us that is trying to destroy us but it’s really up to us to stand our ground and face the enemy rather than raising the white flag and surrender.

To not surrender to the enemy that sits within us, that little voice that wants to take over and smother us in a black oil slick of goop – fighting against it day in and day out and to stand ground, to believe in yourself and to keep going – against all odds – this is what the song brings home to me.

Do you have a song that you connect to that you would like to write about? Go ahead and email me with your song story and we’ll publish it the next round!


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