Make A Difference Benefits You

There is no doubt that working to make a difference benefits you – even with all the good intentions to help others. That’s easy math for sure: one person making an effort + multiple people receiving the benefits of that effort = countless people who are now in a better situation.

While most people are initially motivated to help others for selfless reasons, there are undeniable benefits that come from the effort.

Helping others makes you feel happier and helps you live a fulfilling life. There are some who believe our purpose on Earth is to serve in a way that expands the Kingdom – or the universe depending on your perspective. Whether or not that is true, it feels wonderful to know that your actions caused something good to happen in the world. To know that, because of your effort, someone somewhere is now better off. Congratulations!

There are many types of motivation. Wanting positive reinforcement, avoiding negative consequences, our intrinsic motivation, and other forces work together to motivate us to act. No matter our reason for taking action, the benefits can be rewarding and more impactful than you may realize.

Here’s how making a difference benefits you:

? Creating a legacy- Making a difference can oftentimes lead to an impact that creates a legacy in your name. People come to remember who you are and what you did in the name of the greater good. Pouring into something bigger than yourself or something you create that stems from you can make an impact on generations down the line.

? Giving back- Sometimes your way of making a difference comes from giving back when you have received. There is wonderful healing and satisfaction that comes from paying forward what you have received in your lifetime.

? Restoring your faith- When we have lost something precious, it feels good to regain our faith in God, humanity, or our community. Being able to make a difference can help you recover from that sense of loss or abandonment.

? Easing depression- When we are suffering greatly, we can refresh our energy by shifting our focus somewhere other than ourselves, and use impactful activity to surface from the depths of depression.

? Memorializing someone you love- Being able to perceive a message or a meaning in the lives of those we love and have lost is especially gratifying. Helping their legacy and memory live on is a wonderful benefit.

? Creating opportunities- Sometimes your efforts blossom to create an opportunity for you and for others to gain employment or resources that would not have been available without your contribution.

Choosing to make a difference is a win-win for everyone involved. Those who receive support from others are blessed, just as those who take the risk or step out and make a difference in their lives. Be assured that your efforts to serve others will come to result in great personal benefit.

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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