Look At How Far You’ve Come Already

One of the toughest parts of a challenge or change can sometimes be smack dab in the middle. When you’re in the thick of things or facing a plateau in your progress, feeling overwhelmed is inevitable. Take a tip from one of our earlier strategies and try looking back at your accomplishments in order to boost your confidence. This time, however, just look at how far you’ve come already during this particular rough patch. Seeing the progress you’ve made on this journey can be a catalyst to push you toward the finish line. Let me explain a bit more. 

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Write It Down

I’m a big fan of writing things down. The act of writing can be therapeutic. It can also help you to process things differently than if you were to simply reflect on things in your mind. Also, you have a product to look back on when you’re done. Reviewing your notes can be most helpful when tracking your progress. So I recommend making a list or writing some notes about the actions you’ve taken so far with regard to your current circumstances. You can also compare and contrast your situation from when it began and where you are now. Another option is to record the ways in which your feelings have changed over time. Anything is fair game as long as it demonstrates to you that you have, indeed, made progress. Journaling is a method we’ve already discussed that can help you to process your emotions regarding challenging times. This activity has lots of uses. 

Talk It Out

If writing isn’t your forte or doesn’t seem like your preferred processing method, perhaps you can consider talking to a trusted friend about your progress. It’s also possible that a professional therapist might be the best choice to act as your sounding board. Any supportive listener will usually do. Venting can be a therapeutic act on its own, but do make an attempt to at least add some constructive processing to your conversation. It’s good to get your feelings out. You also want to try to understand them and to see the bigger picture of your journey. Your friend or therapist might be able to help you to shed light on the ways in which you’ve grown over the course of your struggle or how many successes you’ve had along the way. We can’t always see these things on our own. 

Have a Party

Yes, I’m recommending you hold an actual celebration. After reviewing your progress through journaling, taking notes, talking to someone or self-reflection, you’ll surely be able to come up with a list of achievements you’ve made. Why not take time to celebrate them? I can’t think of a better way to acknowledge how far you’ve come. It can be through a big party with all your favorite people or an intimate get-together with just your closest circle. This type of activity is fun, and it’s affirming. If you don’t feel up to planning such a venture or socializing, there is another option. Give yourself a reward for your hard work. Even something as small as a bubble bath or an ice cream cone can be a fun reward and provide motivation for future gains. 

These are merely a few examples of ways you can take note of how far you’ve come on your journey so far. No matter what you choose, be gentle with yourself and give yourself the credit you deserve for all your hard work.

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