Learning To Accept Help

Can we talk about a problem I know many of us have? Reaching out for and accept help can be one of the most difficult parts of going through hard times. There’s a vast array of reasons folks may be resistant to give in and admit they can’t do it on their own. Maybe you’re one of these people. If so, I hope you’re willing to learn to accept help in your life. Accepting others’ goodwill can be one of life’s most important lessons. 

Why Accepting Help Is Hard

We live in an independence-oriented society that frequently sends us the message we should be able to take care of ourselves. Phrases like, “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”, “suck it up”, “get over it” and more are commonplace. No wonder we think our problems should be solvable on our own quickly and that we aren’t allowed to seek assistance. Many of us also don’t like feeling like a burden to others. We don’t want to bother anyone or to be seen as weak. In addition, we may not want to be in anyone’s debt. Perhaps these notions come from that greater societal message of independence. It could also be something that’s taught to us while growing up in our family of origin. Internalized messages such as these take effort to overcome. 

Benefits of Asking for Help

I’d like to once again go over the benefits of getting help. You know it can be tough to ask for the assistance you need and you know why that’s the case. I don’t think the potential gains of allowing others to assist with your needs can be overemphasized. First of all, you can learn a lot by being vulnerable to others. You’ll make discoveries about yourself, the helper, and society in general. Accepting assistance can lead to tremendous self-discovery and growth. You often receive concrete information that can help you, as well. Perhaps talking to someone about your problem will provide you with a piece of knowledge you didn’t have before, one that may relieve your struggle. You gain a new perspective when you seek help. It can be refreshing to know you’re not alone. Finally, you might just learn how much it benefits others to help you. People like to feel useful. 

Why You Should Accept Help

Accepting assistance from your support system, or even from professionals, lets you know that you’re part of a greater network and that you’re not alone. That can be very powerful when you’re struggling and maybe the catalyst you need to make big strides in your situation. Asking for help increases your empathy and compassion. You’ll be able to feel for someone else in the future who may need your guidance. Not allowing yourself to seek assistance from others is actually doing a disservice to everyone, especially yourself. It’s a fact of life that everyone needs a hand now and then. Letting people help you can make them feel good and shows you the ways in which the world is interconnected. Being willing to receive, as well as to give, is simply a part of living in a greater society. 

Learning to accept help is hard. Believe me; I know it can feel demoralizing. However, it doesn’t have to. Getting assistance from others can be rewarding and can bring people together. It shows your humanity and invites self-growth. Plus, it’s simply a practical thing to do, as it pushes you to reach your goal in a more effective way. 

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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