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Aug 20, 2021Business

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An effective lead magnet must solve a real problem quickly for your ideal customer. They are usually very specific, easy to digest, and are considered to be high value. They demonstrate your expertise exceptionally well without risk to your ideal customer. The following lead magnet ideas can work for almost any niche.

Teach Your Audience Something

This is likely the simplest way to come up with a lead magnet if you don’t sell a product or software but works with those niches too. Set up a course in email that runs your ideal customer through education about their problem and the solutions that exist. A course can be in many formats. You can deliver it by email, put it on a platform like Membervault, or turn it into a PDF download.

Provide Your Audience a Useful Tool

A really fun freebie to offer your audience are tools that help them. For example, if you have a food-related website, you can create and offer a recipe app. If you help people lose weight and get healthy, you can create and offer an app that tracks food intake and exercise.

Build Your Community

This freebie idea is a big winner with socially based businesses. Set up a free group on a platform like Facebook Groups or Circle.so like I have for The Rebels Den Community and then only invite people to the group who ask after downloading the freebie or via automation due to them downloading the freebie.

Inspire and Entertain Your Audience

A perfect freebie excites your audience and makes them want to take the next step. It can be entertaining. For example, why not use an old talk you gave to a group or workshop as your freebie? Or give priority access to some users to private information that only they get to see?

Re-segment Your Current List Members

If you already have a dead list or a list that you don’t use much, sending them a freebie offer via email is a great way to segment your list further and reactivate the list members. For example, if someone joined your list due to a freebie you made, but they’ve not moved to customer, try sending them a new one that is more targeted.

Cause Prospects to Become Customers

To move your audience from leads to prospects to customers, you need to provide the right content that captures their attention continually. Knowing where they are in their buying journey can inform the type of freebie you make for them. You should definitely consider making more than one freebie so that you can offer one to people at every stage of their buying journey.

Lead magnets can be PDFs, videos, webinars, reports, software, apps, transcripts, and more. You can use any of the content that you’ve already created to develop a lead magnet.

As long as the freebie addresses the targeted person and solves a problem for them quickly and efficiently, you will build your list better.


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