Surprising Ways That Business Has Changed During Covid

Aug 14, 2021Business

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In 2020, the world was sent into a tailspin as we battled with a novel virus (Covid). The world as we know it has changed for several reasons. The main reason being that the lockdowns that were put in place in the spring of 2020, have never ended. Unfortunately, people still need to work and we had to adapt to the changes quickly. Here are some of the surprising ways that business has changed in the last year and a half.

Surprising Ways That Business Has Changed During Covid
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Remote working

Despite offices being empty, many people have still been working, but they have been doing it from home. This sudden change was difficult for many people to manage at first, especially working mums who had to balance working from home with homeschooling. However, over the last year, people have adapted, and now that they are heading back to the office, they are finding it isn’t working. The office environment is noisy and proving to be less productive than working from home has been.


The rise of the influencer has been on an upward track for the last few years, and now we are seeing a massive boom in the number of women who are taking control of their finances by promoting themselves. Models such as Sofia Bevarly are taking charge of who they work for and are paving the way for other women to make their mark in the world of influencer modeling and promotion. Many of these women are making 6 figure sums every year and this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Online shopping

When the shops were shut down due to Covid, people struggled to get their shopping fix. Thankfully, once the delivery services got up and running again, online shopping became the go-to place to pick up clothes and treats. But, most importantly, it was the only way for many people to get their food shopping. Now, there is an abundance of small shops booming online and small businesses popping up to help deal with the demand that has been placed on the online shopping community. And, many businesses that were not online were forced to take the plunge, and they are doing better than ever.


On the back of several of our points is the rise of home delivery. Not only did the rise of online shops drive up the need for delivery drivers, but the lockdown was also the direct cause. Because of this, many places that did not offer delivery have created their own in-house delivery team such as McDonald’s. Drivers also needed for apps such as Deliveroo and Just Eat as people ordered takeaways rather than going out to eat. This new convenience is helping other businesses go and created a new way of doing things.

The world has been changed forever by Covid, and it looks like many people are not happy with going back to the ways things were done in the past. From now on, we can expect to see remote working to be part of working life, and more items being delivered to our doors for our convenience. 


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