Kick Self-Sabotage to the curb and create success

Kick Self-Sabotage to the curb and create success

Let’s kick self-sabotage out and start moving towards our own success!

Are you letting self-doubt sabotage your own success? Do you have a dream but feeling like you’re not good enough and you are riddled with self-doubt?

The reality is that everyone deals with self-doubt at one point or another. Even the most highly successful people have dealt with some self-doubt but what often sets them apart are the actions they take despite it all.

When I decided to go to college, self-doubt consumed me pretty much the entire time, even though each week I proved myself wrong. What if I don’t make good grades? What if it will not work out or in my favor and I just wasted time and years on earning this degree?

I had two choices: Drop out of college or keep pushing on.

Yes, quitting would have been a much easier choice but the reality is, quitting isn’t really part of my personality and so I kept pushing on.
Here are 4 things you can do to help you deal with your own self-doubt.

You can question it:

Keep a journal so you can evaluate if the doubts are realistic or if you are overreacting. Challenge your beliefs so you can reframe the situation and turn it into a positive experience!

Get yourself some support:

Having a conversation with a friend or a coach can help you get another perspective and reduce the self-doubt you experience.

Go have some fun:

Relax and distract yourself so you can refocus your attention to something positive. Address your negative thoughts but manage them by telling yourself to stop and counteract them with a positive thought.

Be specific with your goals:

When we create goals we have a direction that allows us to move forward and facing our doubts through persistent action will help you get ahead.

Rinse and Repeat as necessary.

Need help with your turning your dreams into actionable steps and ditch the self-sabotage?

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