July Life + Biz Review

Welcome to the July 2022 Life + Biz Review! It’s time for a monthly update! I’ve been holding steady on the daily accountability posts in the Den Community to share what I do every day to help me get closer to my goals but decided that July was the last month I would do it. Instead, I’ll be bringing challenges into the community, but more about that in a bit.

What am I doing in this life?

I recently connected different parts of a few trails that I run on the regular and ended up completing my first 7 miles in a long time. I did it in just 2.5 hours and felt really good about that. I am continuing on alternating my workouts which really seems to help.

I’ve been working on lots of art because not only did I add more events to my schedule, some of them are big(ger) events with lots of foot traffic expected or they are multiple days with foot traffic expected.

Other than that, we’ve been pretty much at home, enjoying the pool when the weather allows. We’ve had a lot of thunderstorms – seems like 3-4 a week here of late. I’ll be heading to a concert tomorrow with some friends and am looking forward to my vacation at the end of this month!

Let’s dive into my ongoing goals:


  • Create 2 new Wood-Burning Tutorials a month – this is definitely ongoing work in progress 
  • Work on Guitar Cut out Wood-Burning that will be a special gift – not yet started 
  • Learn the Cricut and make things
  • Create 2 Crochet Patterns a month – not yet started 
  • Make art that excites me and brings me joy – ongoing work in progress 


  • Heal this plantar fasciitis
  • Get healthier – ongoing work in progress 
  • Get more active – ongoing work in progress 
  • Complete 2022 Miles – I am at 731.37 miles still a bit behind but I am good with the progress.
  • Hike once a month – I’ve done 1 so far
  • Annual Physical – to be scheduled 
  • Going Low Carb  – ongoing work in progress. I’ve added Obvi into my daily regimen for more protein and some additional supplements such as protein collagen and the whey protein shake. 


  • Get wills done – not yet started 
  • Power of Attorney for my youngest
  • Spend time with kids/grandkids


  • Declutter of things we don’t need or use – ongoing work in progress 
  • Renovate each room – starting with the bathroom – ongoing work in progress 
  • Replace Wood Siding on the outside 
  • Paint House exterior – not yet started 


  • Donate Animal Art to Wildlife Center for Auction – – not yet started 
  • Donate to Urea Cycle Foundation – ongoing work in progress 


  • Increase net worth to $X – ongoing work in progress and I am already ahead from last year 
  • Invest in a property – not yet started 
  • Set up Profit First – I am so excited to have my accounts set up! 
  • Reduce Debt – ongoing work in progress 


  • See Bon Jovi in Concert in April – that was such a great time.
  • Camping at the Beach – I don’t know that this will happen this year.
  • Camping Trip with my partner and a couple of friends – yay vacation!
  • A Day to Remember, The Ghost Inside, Beartooth, and Bad Omens show in August with Friends
  • Iron Maiden Concert in October


  • Review funnels + update as needed for current offers
  • Sign up as a Vendor at Markets + Festivals to sell Art
  • Rebel Incubator – 3 months of goal setting using an asynchronous format! 
  • Life tip to go – a low-cost membership: a weekly podcast, daily email, weekly how do I do it
  • Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Launched! 
  • Create Plan it Launch it Offer
  • Grow the Pyrography Academy – ongoing work in progress 
  • Kick off the Crochet Academy – new date December 2022
  • Work with 100 clients one-on-one in 2022 – ongoing work in progress 
  • Get My Rebel Goals onto Amazon 
  • Map out 2022 Content
  • Write my next book – in progress
  • *NEW* Grow my email list to 7000 subscribers using Joint ventures 
  • Sponsor a Band – Artusha – for their Tour 
  • Sponsor a Festival  – Metal in the Mountains 2023 – already paid for
  • Add monthly 5-day challenges to the Community. We’ll focus on one part of life and business for 5 days.

Alright, that is it for the July 2022 Life + Biz Review.

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Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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