Interview with Ron J. Setts

It’s the final interview for 2019 and I am so excited about talking with Ron J. Setts. Ron and I run (mosh) in similar circles and I’ve known about him but I didn’t know him. And not everyone wear’s a shirt that says: We have a similar background.

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Ron is known as the Level Up Mosher. He’s the kind of guy who will wake up an entire campground and while this annoys the hell out of some people, his message is clear:

Be positive. Level Up. Go after your dreams and goals. Change your life because you don’t have to stay where you are.

You don’t have to stay where you are and you don’t have to allow your past to dictate your life (past, present or future).

Ron grew up in foster care and has endured his share of hardships, but he’s here, a testimony of strength and willpower to grow beyond that life he was given.

Ron is very open about the challenges he’s been through as he is pursuing his own personal dreams and goals. He is in the process of launching his own business as a motivational speaker and I couldn’t imagine him doing anything else.

And while Ron J. Setts may be loud (and even too loud for some), he’s compassionate to his fellow human beings and even in our conversation brought an amazing level of vulnerability to the table that isn’t often seen by other people.

And I’m all about supporting and helping people with what they are trying to create and I know from our conversation that he has some amazing perspective he can give you if you are in a bit of a hard spot.

You can reach out to Ron on Facebook. Send him a message if you want some help clearing your head and get a little bit of motivation in your system.

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