Have you ever met a person that the moment you see one another, you are like: Yep this is my people! This is Lisa Friedt for me for sure and I am so excited to share this interview with you today. One of the cool things is that you actually never know how these conversations go and yep, this interview is just like that.

Lisa Friedt is a Client Creation Specialist, Creative Solutionist and Cheerleader but more than anything else she believes in imperfect action. There’s nothing worse than having an idea running around in your heard and then not do anything about it!

As a daughter raised by entrepreneurs she learned early on that successful business doesn’t have to look anything like you imagined. She shares a bit on how she watched her parents build a ranching business and do it so incredibly well – teaching her to follow what brings her joy and what she’s passionate about.

Lisa also doesn’t believe that you have to do life and business like everyone else. You don’t need the perfect funnel in order to get started – sure those things are useful but they don’t help you make money when you need it the most!

But I think her vulnerability during the most challenging moment is perhaps the most amazing thing I have come across and appreciate so much and we briefly talk about this in our conversation – and just to reiterate no kittens were harmed in the making of this video or at any other time. Don’t know what I am talking about, then do please watch the interview with Lisa Friedt.

If you want to connect with Lisa and hand out in her space for a bit you can do so here:

Facebook Page and her personal profile.

If you do watch all to the end and you want some help with an idea, she gives you the opportunity to be courageous to do so imperfectly in a Facebook Live or a Written Post.

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