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Oct 24, 2019Dreams + Goals

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Have your dreams come true? What were you dreaming about when you were little?


I dreamed of being a singer and a movie star. It was my way out of the life I was dealing with. I would sing going down the street because how amazing would it be that me, Petra, the foster kid would be discovered on the street? Would it have been fabulous, right?

Well, it didn’t happen but I found my way to stardom in a different way. My dreams come true every time I sing karaoke! Sometimes your dreams show up differently than you expected.

But for real, I create and sell amazing art and I help people embrace who they are, unleash their ideas into the world in a way that feels good – despite the work required. Blogging helps me make my dreams come true because I get to share my thoughts and stories with you.

It is allowing me to create and have the life I dreamed about and envision for me and my family. It is my dream to help you find the key to freedom by setting boundaries because it will help you shine your light.

My dream to help you – to connect with you and clear whatever it is that’s stopping you along the way so you can have the life you design according to your own rules.

Just how do you get there?

  • Define and be clear on what you about want. Be as specific as possible when you create your vision for your life. Write it down!
  • Know why you want your dream. Why do you want your career, car or lifestyle? What will it give you? Know this, own it and of course, write it down.
  • Now that you know your dream and why you want it, you must decide to take action and believe that you want it and that you deserve to have your dreams come true. So, cliché, I know but seriously you should believe and give yourself permission to go after your dream.
  • Release your fear. Whatever you are afraid of by moving forward, let it go. Acknowledge it but don’t hang onto it. I was so afraid of whatever other people were thinking when I decided to be a life coach that it was keeping me stuck and not moving forward and taking the right kind of actions.
  • Take action! Create a list of all the activities you need to do to get you to your dream. Don’t worry about the “how” because that will come. If the activities and action steps are still too big, break them down even further into itty bitty chunks for your action list.
  • Take time to evaluate and review. There was a moment where I questioned being a life coach and I reviewed my position in my job and the life I want. It’s given me another opportunity to reflect on what is and was holding me back and how I can clear my path and move along my way. Sometimes that means you will need to change course. Maybe your dream is no longer fitting – that’s okay. Keep dreaming a new dream and create a new way of making it happen.
  • Celebrate your successes! Each step you take towards your dream – celebrate them and reward yourself for the work you are putting in. Dreams don’t happen on their own, they must be earned and you earn them by doing.

And if you are ready for some support and guidance then join The Gathering! It could be exactly what you need to make things happen.


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