How being vulnerable is loving yourself

Apr 30, 2019Vulnerability

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Being vulnerable is something I’ve been working on for about 3 years now. On purpose and with purpose.

But it isn’t easy.

There’s a huge part of me that still wants to protect me from all the people and experiences in the world for fear of getting abandoned and rejected again. I’ve had about enough of that in my life and it’s just never fun to deal with it.

But it’s necessary.

It’s hard to connect with other people when you are not giving some part of yourself. When you are not willing to tear down small pieces of the wall. When you’re isolating yourself because well some part of you doesn’t trust people.

But not everyone is evil.

Being an intuitive empath where I pick up feelings and can feel the truth about things, it’s incredibly challenging to go out there and meet people. And yet it’s also a blessing in disguise because I have this particular gift that I can choose who I surround myself with.

Being vulnerable shows strength

I keep going back to the saying, you don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t do better until you know better.

I had no idea that being vulnerable showed strength. In fact, I believed that my being a warrior, never sharing the hard stuff of motherhood, special needs parenting, relationships and the ups and downs of business was my strength.

Oh yes, I can warrior on with the best of them and face the darkness head-on. What I struggle with is inviting other people to the battle. To know that I am not alone in this world in whatever I am facing.

Being vulnerable makes space for expansions because you are building relationships on truth, integrity, and transparency with yourself and others in your life.

And mercy, I don’t mean complaining all the time about all the shit that is going down. Being a complainer or genuine vulnerable with someone are two different things.

And it doesn’t have to be to the whole world but it starts with self-awareness and self-acceptance. When you can recognize the areas that you struggle with the most, or if you are having a shit time in your life clearly naming that is being vulnerable with yourself first.

Welcome to humanity.

Here’s what I recognize about myself: I have friends that are awesome but I struggle with reaching out just saying hello.

This feels vulnerable to share. Whew.

But now I have awareness. Now I can do something about it. Now I can deepen the relationships with people that are already in my life and be open to new people that may come my way.

When you are honest with yourself, not only the things you are great at but the things you struggle with you are one step closer to self-acceptance. And with self-acceptence comes love for yourself.


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