Homeowner’s Checklist For Spring Maintenance

For most homeowners, when spring rolls around, the first thought is the spring clean. In fact, there are also plenty of home maintenance tasks beyond cleaning that you should be trying to get done too. Winter can be hard on a house, and as the weather improves in the spring, you can get some of these important jobs ticked off your checklist. 

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Check Your Roof

After a winter of storms, rain, and other bad weather, your roof could have have taken a battering, especially if anything has fallen on it. Check the roof carefully for broken or missing tiles, and get them sorted as soon as possible if you do notice any signs of damage. If damage gets left, it can turn into a very expensive issue to put right. 

While you’re working on the roof, give your gutters a good clean too. They’re probably full of leaves, twigs, and other debris after the winter. Blocked gutters mean any rainwater doesn’t have anywhere to go, so it gets pushed back onto the roof, where it can cause a lot of damage. As part of this task, give your outside walls a quick check too, and book Plaster Repair if you need it. 

Inspect The Concrete

Take a walk around your whole property and check the concrete on your driveway and on any walkways. If you spot any cracks, you can either replace the concrete or make patch repairs with silicone caulk or concrete fillers. 

Check Your AC Unit

Remove any debris, like fallen leaves, that have built up around your AC unit so it has free airflow around. Replace the filters and clean the ducts, so it’s ready to be used again, and cool your home in the summer. A clogged filter will lead to lower air quality in the house, so don’t skip this step. You can massively reduce your energy use just by cleaning the filters. 

It can also be a good idea to hire a professional for a proper tune-up ready for the summer. An AC technician can check that your system is operating as efficiently as possible, check the coolant levels, and sort out any issues before the AC’s busiest season kicks in. 

Inspect Your Windows And Doors

If you have screens over your windows and doors designed to keep bugs out when you have the house open in the spring and summer, give these screens a check. Fix or replace any that have broken over the winter. While you’re taking the screens down is also a good time to wash the windows. Clean the tracts and seals with a vacuum attachment or a soft brush before you wash the window panes. 

If you have storm windows, don’t forget to clean the weep holes too. You can check that these important drain holes are clear by pouring some water into the sill. If they’re blocked, use a thin wire to clear them. 

Check for tall grass or stagnant water that is sitting near your windows. These can both encourage mosquitos which you don’t want to get in the windows!

Don’t forget your household vehicles

While you’re on the to-do list of homeowner tasks, you should also include your household’s vehicles in this list too. For example, you might have a car that needs Nissan touch up paint or simply needs to be taken to the local cleaning business for a deep clean inside and out. Maintaining the health and appearance of your vehicles is a part of your home and duties as a homeowner.

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