How To Tell If You Need New Windows This Year

Even the very best quality windows in your home won’t last forever. The average double-glazed windows will last between fifteen and twenty years. This lifespan will be impacted by several different factors, including how well they have been maintained, the weather they have to stand up to, and the type of frame material that has been used. When your windows are beyond repair, you need to replace them sooner rather than later before they cause a bigger, more expensive problem. The following signs are clues that you need to think about new windows this year. 

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The Windows Are Worn Out

If you can see signs or rot or warping on your windows, or if your double glazing is failing, then this is a big hint that you need to replace them. 

Wooden window frames can be tough to keep in good condition. The problem with wooden window frames is that once rot has been able to set into the wood, it can be very difficult to stop the decay and keep it from coming back. Rain can then become a serious issue, and it can be much too hard a job to fix the window so it looks good and still keeps the elements out. If you just leave the window, the rot will only get worse, and it gets very difficult to open and close the window. 

If you have lower quality uPVC windows, these can discolor over time, and if they expand in the heat, they can become warped. If the double glazing is starting to fail, you might notice water coming in, condensation, cracks, chips, holes, scratches, and difficulty keeping the temperature inside where you want it. 

Your Energy Bills Have Gone Up

Old or inefficient windows can make a big difference to how well insulated your home is and can drive up your energy bills. The more heat that can escape the house, the more you will need to use your central heating to make up for it, and the same is true for your air conditioning. You can check whether there’s an issue by standing next to the windows and seeing if the air feels cooler than in the rest of the room. If the glass feels cold to touch, then it’s likely you’re wasting energy. Look for gaps in the frame too. 

Older windows are often single-paned and can be more vulnerable to leaks. Invest in double glazing with argon gas and low-emissivity glass to reduce heat loss. 

Your Windows Are Hard To Open And Close

This is a good reason to replace your windows, as they could be an emergency escape route. 

There are lots of reasons why a window can get tough to open. A common problem is because they have been painted shut. It might have saved time to do this when decorating, but it’s a real nuisance. 

Other causes of a stuck window are a warped frame, which can be common in uPVC windows which can expand in the heat. The uPVC should contract again when the weather cools, but if this happens often, the frame could be the wrong size for the aperture. Another issue can be that the foundations of your home have shifted and the window frame doesn’t fit anymore. In all these cases, a new window from Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement will correct the problem. 

Your House Isn’t Soundproof

Modern windows are designed to reduce the amount of sound that comes in from outside, which is great if you live on a busy road! If you can clearly hear noise from outside when the window is shut, then this is a sign that the window is old and ill-fitting. If you want to get some peace and quiet back, a new window will help you. 

Your Windows Are Drafty

If your windows are drafty, your energy bills can be driven up much higher. In some cases, a drafty window can cost you 25% more on your energy bills. Deciding not to invest in a new window because of the cost of it will actually end up costing you more money in the long run. New windows are also a lot more energy efficient than old ones, so you can end up saving a lot of money over time. 

Drafts can often happen when the window isn’t able to shut properly. If the lock on the window doesn’t work well anymore, this can also be the cause. This can be a potential security issue as well as a draft problem. 

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