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Jun 19, 2021Business

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You’re in business and you’ve heard about email lists but not sure where, to begin with, it all – this is where the grow your emails list challenge can be helpful. Because let’s acknowledge that social media is constantly changing, and at times you can’t keep up with it, and your posts don’t get seen – let alone seen by the RIGHT people.

You’re trying just about everything to catch people’s attention but somewhere along the way your attention spans started to falter and your focus was chasing all of the shiny objects. I’ve got you covered because I want every year to be your best year and also a profitable year and I believe that the best way you can drive profits to your business is through an email list.

In 2019 I started over with 43 people on my list as I rebranded and relaunched my business and it was slow going for a while and then in a matter of a week and doing this one thing – I grew my list to 200 people and then I did this one thing again and again and grew my list from 347 to 1120 in 4 months.

Join me as I guide you through a 7 day Grow your email list challenge!

Grow your Email List Challenge

You’ll get 7 short videos (2 minutes max) to help you

  • set up your email list
  • create a freebie
  • design a landing page
  • learn about pop-ups
  • how you can grow your list fast

Your email list is THE barometer of your business’s health and it will outlast any social media platform. Why?

Because you OWN it. Those followers you’ve been hustling after on social media? Yeah, you don’t own them. If it were gone tomorrow would you have a way to get in touch with those people you’ve worked so hard to attract?

Probably not if you don’t have an email list.

Trust me, you’ll want to accept this challenge.

Let’s grow!


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