Find Your Inspiration In Iconic Women

You are an individual, strong and independent. But in the back of your subconscious mind, there are images of iconic women you call your spiritual guide. You idolize them, learn from them or draw inspiration from them. But why do we gravitate to these phenomenal women? How do you embody their essence or let their lives influence yours? 

Gravitate To Awesomeness

There are so many iconic women. Pilots, philanthropists, models, actresses, warriors, queens, literally any type of iconic woman fit each woman’s passion and life ideal. But what makes these women so extraordinary that we strive to be them (even if only taking some aspects from them)? Princess Diana was a beautiful, fashionable woman and her unwavering philanthropy highlighted the enormous need there is in the world. Basic needs like medical supplies, food, and shelter. But it’s her steadfast belief in herself and not letting others dictate who and what she should be that resonates with thousands of women globally. Knowing your self-worth and not conforming to others’ ideas of what is proper. Hearing Happy Birthday, Mr. President embodied the legend that is Marilyn Monroe. She was an iconic singer, model, and movie star. While standing on that stage singing to JFK, she oozed sex appeal and showed that a woman can be desirable by thousands, even when you are a size 12. Movie titles like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady already conjure up the unmistakable fashion icon and movie star Audrey Hepburn. She was not only a movie legend but a humanitarian too. Her grace and pose are awe-inspiring. Suppose you are not gravitating towards her dress sense. In that case, her inspirational quotes give you the motivation needed to make better decisions in life.

Portraying Your Idol 

You have chosen your iconic woman who closely resembles what you want in life or how you want to lead your life. But how do you show these influences to the rest of the world? If you are after their iconic symbolism, you will change your hair, make-up, and wardrobe to match them as closely as possible. It can be from the signature black mole on the left side of your face, the unmistakable Jackie Kennedy hat, or Audrey bangs and bun. When you are walking down the street, people will see who inspires you. Or you might even go further and dedicate sections in your home to your iconic idol. Scatter cushions on the couch with their faces on them or even canvases taken by a Celebrity Photographer depicting their signature stance on the walls. 

In essence, all these iconic women manifest the importance of breaking the mold. To live your life how you want to live it. You might need to draw strength from them from time to time to keep going and not buckle under the pressure. But remember to do your research on your iconic woman. It will show you that even women considered idols and warriors had to fight for what they want and never give up on making their mark in the world. 

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