Stop Doubting Yourself and start believing in you

It is so easy to get wrapped up in our heads and doubting yourself in every way because you lead with logic and then wonder why we are so frustrated about everything. When we make decisions with our head instead of our gut and heart we are often misled and manipulated into things that aren’t real.

A bird doesn’t doubt itself when it starts to take flight!

Self-doubt is an evil bugger that keeps you stuck and going around in circles, always questioning yourself instead of taking charge of what you feel intuitive. There are many times in my life where my gut and heart told me which way to go, but I began doubting my own ability to achieve my dreams and goals. When we stop believing in ourselves, we give away power and feel like we are no longer in control.

I had been quite stuck in my business because I was being led by a different force rather than listening to what I know to totally be true for me and struggled to stay in alignment. Until I had a conversation with some amazing women and just like that I started to get more inspiration and feel like that I am on the right path for me and that I just need to listen to my intuition – and my heart of course.

Isn’t it time that you put self-doubt to rest and start believing in yourself?

You don’t have to let self-doubt get the better of you, in fact, you can overcome doubt with these simple steps.

Acknowledge and identify your self-doubt

Journal, meditate or sit with a cup of tea (or coffee in my case) and just be and see what comes up for you. You can’t change anything until you acknowledge something that needs to change.

Talk to a friend or a group of friends

It’s amazing what a conversation can do for you because you are able to speak freely about your worries, doubts, and fears and gain some new perspective.

Review your achievements

Look how far you’ve come in life already. You didn’t get here by doubting yourself. True not all decisions may have been the best, but guaranteed you learned something and well you are here because something shifted and you did for a moment listen to your intuition.

Ask yourself and then pay attention

Ask yourself about what you are feeling or what you should do about a situation or dream. Then pay attention to what comes up immediately before entering your headspace. Trust yourself because you have all the answers you need.

Be creative and allow the flow

Take some time to journal, dance, paint to just allow the moment. Journaling can help you really identify and support your intuition when you free write. No judgments allowed. Just allow whatever creativity you choose to flow naturally.

And when your logic tries to enter your head, just reevaluate what your intuition just told you and know that your gut feeling is dead on!

Are you ready to take this a step further to really show what you’re capable of and how amazing you are?

It’s time to stop doubting yourself and leap into action!

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