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Apr 2, 2020Discovery

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It’s so easy to overlook your strength when you are facing with challenging and frustration moments in your life. We come into this world depending on our parents to teach us all we need to know about life. Some of us but due to circumstances beyond our control leave us to doubt ourselves, our own strength.

We always have a choice on how we respond. With the exception when we are kids as life doesn’t have a manual we can read. We depend on the ones raising us to provide us with the basic needs. And even when we don’t get them, we don’t know that love, nurture, food, and shelter is what we are asking for.

Growing up I never once questioned my own strength, because life just was. I never doubted the things I could do because I just always did the necessary.

When I became a mother for the first time, I didn’t worry about if I had the strength to be a single mom, I only knew the kind of parent I wanted to be.

In my on-again and off-again relationship with my ex-husband, I wondered how I could live with him and how I would survive without him.  Yet every time my world appeared to fall apart, I found my own strength to just do, never wondering how.

The day that changed I was reminded of being human. I watched my young son not breath after coming off the breathing tube. It was a mere few seconds, but it felt like a lifetime.

We waited in the lounge keeping the faith but scared that reality was hard to fathom.

My son continued to fight for his life.  I wondered how many more mornings I would get up and watch the machine breathe for him. How many times would the doctors tell me they are doing all they can.
Here is what I know:

  • We will always do what is necessary in each given moment.
  • That is our strength surfacing to the top. Our strength is to never lose faith and hope because we know that quitting is never an option.
  • It’s okay to cry and be vulnerable and acknowledge that some parts of life are freaking hard as heck.
  • It’s not okay to throw in the town because the world needs you.

I had no way of knowing how my life (or my son’s life) would turn out. I have no idea how I was getting up every day when my world appeared to fall apart.

Whenever you overlook your own strength, look at all the things you have already achieved.  I bet there is strength in everything you have done.

And something that has been really clear to me is that we cannot do this alone. Come join me in The Gathering for 3 months and start feeling more empowered and confident in who you are!


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