Do you suffer from lack of commitment?

Aug 22, 2019Productivity

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Something’s been nagging at me – I see so many people with dreams and ideas they want to pursue but nothing is happening. And I’ve been trying to figure out what the cause of it is.

I really think that people *like* the idea of their dreams to be a reality for them but what is lacking is the self-discipline and the commitment. And I am wondering how you think that dream and goal is going to happen for you. And then I am wondering if you are even aware that you lack the commitment.

You’re Always Late

Do you have trouble making it places on time? Do you seem to miss work deadlines? Having self-discipline and being highly committed means that you know how to manage your time effectively. Being dedicated to your dreams and goals means that you can manage your time efficiently.

I remember from my days on the job that I spend a great deal of time doing nothing at work (oops!) and at home, I would lose myself in the TV. And no I am not bashing the TV or am telling you to get rid of it. But truth is that if you have time to be on social media or watch TV – then you also have time to take any action towards your goal.

You Lack Consistency

No new skills are learned in under three weeks. It’s often said that making a habit needs at least 21 days to complete, and that’s at a minimum. If you have a hard time consistently finishing your task: you will have a hard time building productive habits. Making the effort to be consistent can help you develop the self-discipline you need to succeed in life.

You Never Do What You Want

Another symptom of a lack of commitment is the inability to do the things you want to do. If you regularly seem to be playing catch-up or you don’t have time to pursue your dreams, well, then lack of commitment is probably a thing. It is easier to sit down and watch television than it is to start work on your new goals.

If you think about self-discipline like if you’re losing something instead of gaining the thing you are working towards, it will continue to be challenging. Those with high levels of dedication often pursue their dreams proactively rather than reactively. Doing what you truly want to do is a sign of commitment and dedication to your goals.

You’re Not Motivated

Would it surprise you if I said that if you are not motivated you are lacking self-discipline? Not every action towards your goal is going to be exciting. In fact, there are probably some small and mundane tasks. But what if you put them on the top of your to-do list and just be done with them? And maybe you haven’t really identified your personal ‘why’ of why you want to achieve your dreams + goals!

You Don’t Hold Yourself Accountable

One of the biggest signs that you lack commitment is the inability to hold yourself accountable. Accountability applies to both productive and nonproductive action. Maybe you’re looking for excuses as to why you were unable to meet your time commitments. However, committed people will be honest with themselves about their situation and actions.

You can use social media as a great resource to hold yourself accountable by sharing what you’re going to do this month, this week or on a specific day. And if that’s not enough, finding an accountability partner or even investing in yourself can be the solution to your commitment challenges.

These five signs that you lack commitment could mean the difference between pursuing your life’s dream and living a mediocre existence.

And it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re ready to dream + play bigger and put your butt in the chair to get things done, join me in The Gathering. Dreams + goals are earned and is it not time that you do something about them?


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