Design and Create Compelling Lead Magnets

Design and create compelling lead magnets so you can get started building your email list, it’s time to design and create a compelling lead magnet that will attract subscribers.

Choose the Buyer’s Persona or Avatar You Want to Attract

Understanding your audience’s buying journey is imperative. You need to choose whether you want to attract people at the top of your funnel, middle of your funnel, or the bottom of your funnel. Maybe you want to teach people who have already bought from you something new and start marketing different things to them on a whole new level. It just depends on the goal you set for this lead magnet and who it’s meant for.

Know the Problem You Want to Solve for Them

Your lead magnet must solve a pressing problem for the customer that you’re trying to touch. The lead magnet should provide immediate value but can also provide long term value depending on the audience and the issue. The main thing is that you want to get them on your list, and you want them to be happy about it.

Name Your Freebie Using a Compelling Title

When you name your freebie, choose a name that is straightforward and tells the customer exactly what will be accomplished. This is not the time to try to be clever with words. Name the freebie based on what it does for your customers using action verbs and terms they understand and interests them.

Choose the Form the Lead Magnet Will Appear

Once you know what problem you plan to solve, it will inform the format the lead magnet should take. You can choose to use video, webinars, podcasts, PDFs, and more. The important part is to choose the form that your audience will most enjoy and use.

Create a Landing Page for Your Freebie

Once you know what you’re going to create, now you need to make a landing page. Use software like to help you create a landing page, or you can simply make a new page on your site. A landing page is just a page devoted only to the thing you’re trying to promote. Some people love creating the landing page first, then create the freebie based on their promises.

Develop a Download Page for Your Lead Magnet

In addition to a landing page, you need to set up a download page so that your subscribers can access the freebie after they’ve double opted into your email list. A landing page is best because it brings people back to your site where you can attract them to more of your information.

Create the Lead Magnet or Hire Someone to Create It

When you create the lead magnet, realize that you can hire someone to make it too. Marketing professionals like Errol Andam—a Los Angeles-based Creative Marketing Manager with a rich background in working with major brands, professional sports organizations, and more—can elevate the quality and creativity of your lead magnet. You can also buy PLR or private label rights content to assist you in creating freebies, depending on the terms of service of the PLR you use.

Once you have finished creating it, get it on the download page and start marketing the freebie to your audience on social media, through paid ads, and even by sending it to your own email list that you have already. Write a blog post about it and share it with everyone so that you’ll get more people on your list. Whatever you do, don’t keep it a secret.

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