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Apr 21, 2021Marketing

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It’s not uncommon that if you are a business owner, especially a small mom and pop business online, to not fully know and understand your offers. If you think you’re selling website design, content writing, and customer service, for example, you may go into discussions with your customers on the wrong foot.

As you get to understand your offers more, you’ll end up:

Increasing Enthusiasm

When you know and understand your offers and what they will do for your audience backward and forwards, you’ll not only be more enthusiastic when you speak to your customers and audience, whether by blog, vlog, or in-person that you automatically increase theirs too because enthusiasm is contagious.

Developing More Confidence

When you know what your offers are and what they really mean to your ideal customer, you’re going to exude confidence when you talk about your offers. Not only that, your audience will feel a lot more confident about you too.

Becoming a Trusted Expert

When you can answer questions quickly, people start to trust you a lot more. They’ll see you as an expert in your field and turn to you when they need help. This happens because you can answer any question about your product or service in a way that helps the customer choose.

Calming Fears

Knowing everything about your products helps you not only be less fearful as you promote your products and services, but it reduces the fear of your customers too. They start to trust that spending money with you is safe because you’re so knowledgeable.

Helps Overcome Objections

When you know your products inside and out, you also know what objections your ideal audience may have in their mind. You can answer them immediately without reservation because you know your stuff.

Keeps You Ahead of The Competition

Your competition will always be on your heels (or you on theirs), and that’s okay. It will keep you above everything if you pay close attention to the details about your products and services.

You’ll Recognize the Gaps Sooner

When you are real with yourself and your audience about what your products do and don’t do, it’ll let you figure out your own gaps sooner so you can create even more wondrous products and services or recommend great solutions that others created already, becoming an amazing resource to your audience.

Remember that what you are selling is a lot deeper than virtual assistant services. You’re really selling the benefits of your virtual assistant service, and it’s imperative that you fully grasp what they are. You may be really selling, from the customer’s perspective, time-freedom, expertise, courage – it just depends on your product, but the more you can identify, the more you’ll be able to help lead your customers to purchase your offers.


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