Creating a life even when you are not ready

Sep 7, 2020Rebellion

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Creating a life even when you are not ready may be one of the biggest challenges you face. My entire life has been based on events that moved me into action even when I wasn’t ready. Waiting until you are ready forces you to watch your life go by.

I became a mom at the age of 17 and nope I wasn’t ready. It has been an amazing gut-wrenching experience. You follow your gut to help your kids learn the lessons and in turn, they teach you a thing or two. And with every son that followed – new lessons emerged but more than anything else they have taught me how to love.

I moved across the world with an 8 months old baby – not speaking English when I was 18 years old. Nope sure wasn’t ready for that one.  What I learned besides another language it takes confidence, courage, and pizzazz to just get up and go. Other lessons learned were strength and knowing that we will always adapt.

I committed to relationships when I wasn’t ready. I had some short and some long-lived romances. I learned that I can accept some flaws but not all. I learned that values are important for me and should be closely aligned. I learned that falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard.  I also know I will fall in love again when I am not ready.

I started a business when I wasn’t ready.  I learned that working for myself was my pleasure key in life. I learned that I wanted a life I designed according to my own rules. I also learned that having accountability and the right kind of support matters when you have some big dreams and goals.

The bottom line is that if you wait until you are ready you will always sit at home and wonder. You will always wonder what life would be like instead of living a life you want. So, go out there write a book, start a business or move across the world when you are not ready.  Explore all the possibilities and opportunities. Do the thing you always want to do – ready or not – here you go.


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