Chugfest at Ix Art Park in Charlottesville

Sep 15, 2019Awareness

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The first Annual CHUGFEST is happening at IX Art Park on Sunday, October 20th from 1-8 PM!

And while I normally feature non-profits, this still falls under the category of what I am trying to highlight on the blog.

So what exactly is CHUGFEST?

This is an all-day rock, punk and metal event featuring a lineup of several bands from the Charlottesville area but also from all over the state of Virginia.

Here’s the line-up

Studebaker Huck
Love Roses
Ruckus The Bulldog
LNT – Like No Tomorrow
The 40 Boys
The Chuggernauts
The Vailix

All proceeds from the event are going straight to their Patient Services Fund at the UVA Cancer Center, which offers support services directly to patients, caregivers, and survivors!

Even though the event is free and open to the public, if everyone pitched in the suggested donation of $10 (minimum), imagine how you, I and the public could aide those impacted by cancer!

In addition, there will be a raffle, with all proceeds going to the UVA Cancer Center! Some of the local businesses that have donated awesome gifts, are: Aberdeen Barn, Albemarle Floors, Belmont Pizza, CDP Screens, Citizen Burger Bar, Gearharts Fine Chocolates, Ike’s Underground Vintage Clothing and Strange Cargo, Larry Shreddy Guitars, Telegraph Art & Comics, Ultimate Bliss Couples Boutique, Starr Hill Brewery, Jefferson Ale House Charlotteville and more!

If you would like to donate to the cause but are unable to attend the event, please click this link!

For more information, or if you are a business, artist or vendor who would like to participate, please email us at

And just as a personal note, I know how challenging it can be when a family member has a medical journey. It’s incredibly hard to focus on work, friends and a life when your loved one is fighting a battle trying to stay alive.


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