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Jun 11, 2019Awareness

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It’s Pride month and it’s time for me to share about the Charlottesville Pride Community Network!

But first I wanted to address that LGBTQ phobia is real and it still exists even if the media doesn’t share all the crimes that are happening. Just in recent news, a couple on a subway and two actors touring for the production of Rotterdam have been attacked.

This is year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots thus marking a pivotal moment in history of how far we come but also how far we still have to go.

This is why awareness is important. This is why being an ally is important.

But being an ally, being supportive, being accepting that’s being human. Ok I am stepping off my soapbox and going on with the Charlottesville Pride Community Network and share more about their work.

Cville Pride

Their Mission:

To create a vibrant, visible, and inclusive LGBTQ community presence in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and the surrounding region that promotes equality through events, education, outreach, and advocacy.

The organization is working on several programs such as:

  • LGBT Health Forum & Conference
  • Business Alliance /Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Education & Training
  • Hospitality for New & Prospective Movers
  • Outreach & Organizing

Each of these has a specific need that the collective is working towards, such as finding adequate health care providers that have awareness of LGBTQ health issues or knowing that businesses in and outside of the community are supportive of inclusion. You can read more about the programs and the specific needs here!

The Charlottesville Pride Community Network is currently in the development of our local Pride Festival on Saturday, September 14th, 2019. A way to contribute is to get involved in this festival as a volunteer, sponsor, entertainer or vendor. Engaging and participating will make space for meeting new friends, increase visibility for your company that can lead to new customers, but you will also have tons of fun.

To learn more and get involved with Cville Pride visit


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