Can You Build Your Own Website?

Dec 14, 2021Business

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Websites can be a powerful tool in the world of modern business. Thanks to the rise of powerful DIY website builder tools on the market, building your own website has never been easier, and this gives everyone the chance to leave a mark online. Of course, though, is building your own website really the right route to take? To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the key issues and challenges most people face when they build their own website.

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Security & Compliance

Understanding digital security can be very challenging, but most businesses have to face laws that dictate how they handle this work. Building a website for yourself may mean that you have to deal with SSL, viruses, data backups, and a range of other tasks that will be ongoing for the life of your platform. Learning about this can help you, but it can also present some risks when compared to using professionals.

Maintenance & Issues

Websites aren’t static entities, and they usually have many components that can end up experiencing issues. For example, updating a single plugin on a WordPress website can break compatibility with older ones, rendering a site unusable even though each individual component is working as it should. Maintaining a website and dealing with issues like this can be very stressful for business owners without much experience.

Advanced Features & Design

DIY website builders can make your life very easy, but they can also prove to be incredibly limiting when you don’t know how to write code. Adding advanced features to your website could be extremely costly, and you may even struggle to create a design that you like without the knowledge to adapt it using tools like CSS and HTML. For this reason, most businesses can benefit greatly from using professional designers for their projects.


There are few jobs more time-consuming than building and running a website. While going through this process could save some money, it will also prevent you from using your time to do the important work that your business needs to thrive and survive. You are likely to find that you have to throw in hundreds of hours to create a website for your business. This makes it well worth using professional support when you have it available to you.

In reality, these issues only represent a small collection of the challenges that website owners can face. This process will always be challenging, even if you find yourself with plenty of time on your hands. Most businesses will benefit from working with a professional website designer, especially if they already have an established online presence.


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