Burnout due to the changes

May 28, 2020Family

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Are you feeling a burnout due to the changes whether it’s related to completely shifting how you’re doing life right now, dealing with illness, the added responsibility and the changes in your routine.

Since most of the school have closed for the year, us parents have taken on the the responsibility of educating our child with/without the aid of our schools. Some schools have implemented tools for online learning that’s doable while others have send in information that feels quite of bit over the top during a time that’s uncertain at best.

The symptoms of burnout vary from lack of patience to overeating and crying without any apparent reasons. Surprisingly, a burnout need not be such a bad thing. It is a wake-up call – an indicator that things are not going well and that take a look at how you and your family operate best.

I think it’s really important that we lower our expectations. Now is not the time (or ever) to be a perfectionist. There are good days and bad days and you don’t have to beat yourself up for not being on top of you game. Whatever gets done gets done but don’t push yourself beyond the point of making it harder than it needs to be.

There are alternative methods and being flexible is important. I am not a home schooling parent but as I am facing this time right now, all I asked of my son is to do one school activity (minimum) a day. His academics look different for most due to the special needs that he has. We designed a schedule that allows us to operate with reduced overwhelm that he can follow and check off.

It think that when you find yourself tense and it’s building up, taking a break is important. We are not meant to be brain on all the time to work and that’s adult and children alike.

This is a time for compassion and meeting one another where we are and not push beyond that. Over kill isn’t going to help anyone get anywhere faster. Which means don’t include too many activities for the sake of forcing information into your head or your kids’ head. A tired mom often means a grouchy kid.

If you happen to have help at home, include your partner and be sure to reach out to friends and family for social time – even if it’s via zoom or other video conferencing platform.

Burnout due to the changes is real and what we perhaps need now is more quality time with our children and less pressure on performing!


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