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I was so excited to catch Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, Dorothy and Diamante and I found myself a wee bit disappointed too.


But let me start off by my surprise to catch Diamante kicking off the show. I was able to catch her briefly at a show with Bad Wolves as they do have a song together and it’s beautiful.


And then Dorothy came and while she’s good, it’s not my style of rock – but I couldn’t help myself to not sing along. She reminds me of the 70’s with her music. She did out on one heck of a show and was open to meeting fans afterward.

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace and yes they put on a good show but I must admit I was a bit disappointed they didn’t play Right Left Wrong – and yes I know I am not in charge of the playlist but I supposed one can’t help when they hope they play you know you’re favorite song.


Chevelle was dope – although they are not regulars on my playlist – it was awesome seeing them in concert and doing their thing. It always amazes me the songs I know even if the band isn’t on the top of my own personal list.

Breaking Benjamin

And finally, Breaking Benjamin – and say what you will – they are one of my top favorites.

When you go to festivals and concerts for a while, you get a feel for the artist – some you know who let this get to their heads and forget about their fans or maybe even humanity. But not these dudes. They sold their CD’s as a benefit to Shriner’s Hospital and raffled off a signed Guitar in the process.

But then, during the show – Benjamin came down to the front row and asked the little dudes if they were having a good time and if they thought it would be better to see the show on stage – he brought a few of those little kids on stage to see the rest of the show.

I don’t know about you, but that speaks volumes on the character of a person – even if some of it is for show and such – in that moment in doesn’t really matter because now these kids will have those memories he helped create.

And I was happy to hear “Rain” as he walked through the crowd singing – there is always that one band that stands out and this time it was definitely Breaking Benjamin.

Overall I had a fantastic time and will definitely catch them another time.

Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

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