Balance your time in 3 easy Steps

Balance your time in 3 easy Steps

Find a way to balance your time is a challenge for most of us. There are so many tasks and obligations we attempt to juggle only to run out of time, leaving us overwhelmed and frustrated that we, well don’t have time.

This often leads to feeling tired and wondering how you can bring in balance into your chaos.

3 easy steps to get started:

Look at your activities and take note of what is draining your energy.

Just thinking about engaging leaves you with a heavy feeling. Once you can identify those areas in your life, you can restructure how much time you are spending on them.

What are you tolerating in your life?

Are there any people who bring you down because their energy feels heavy? What is it about them that makes engaging with them so challenging? Can you limit or stop your engagement with the people that weigh you down?

This may be harder especially if its family members, but try setting time limits. This will allow you to still engage with them while managing your relationship in a way that still feels good.

Restructure your week

Plan your ideal week in advance with focus time for projects and the times you are engaging with people.

When committing to work with a client or engaging with family let them know your time limit and that you have other obligations to fulfill.
When you have revamped your schedule, notice the free time you have. That’s the time you can then take for yourself or spend it with people that light you up and you love to connect with.

Notice how you have time for projects too and have a to-do list for each focus to time. Your productivity and self-love will thank you!

And if you are looking for help to balance your time

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