It can be easy to get stuck in a rut with day-to-day life but there are art therapy projects for the unartistic that can help your creative side, and even help you feel better emotionally! Even if you don’t feel like you have any artistic skills, there are LOTS of ways you can just use art supplies and techniques to simply blow off a little steam. Plus, the creative process and feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished can be really addicting in a great way! Below are a few art therapy projects for the unartistic to get you started:

Paint Pouring

Paint pouring is a wonderful painting technique that always comes out unique! It is done by mixing different paint colors with pouring medium in several small containers. Then, you slowly pour small amounts of each color over a canvas. You can choose to pour them over in any amount or order you want the important thing is to have fun with it. Just be sure you have the canvas set on top of something smaller than it to act as a platform so the paint can drip down and off the edges. Laying out a tarp or some newspapers to catch the drips is a good idea as well.

Tools For Paint Pouring:

  • small cups (at least as many as you have paint colors)
  • stretched canvas on a frame
  • a sturdy platform smaller than the canvas
  • pouring medium
  • paint (acrylic works great)
  • stirring sticks
  • tarp or newspapers


This activity is definitely not just for kids! These days, there are lots of options for adult coloring books. You can even get yourself a children’s coloring book if you want a little nostalgia. The most important thing is that it’s a coloring book with a theme that makes you happy. Coloring is a very freeing way to be creative because you can decide how you want every page to look!

Tools For Coloring:

  • a coloring book of your choice
  • colored pencils, markers, paint, crayonsówhatever you prefer to color with


When this is done purely for your own enjoyment, you don’t need a fancy camera to do it! All you need is your phone or even a disposable camera, and you’re on your way! Take pictures of the things that make you happy, or even of things that you want. Maybe go on a nature walk and snap some pics of cool trees, pretty flowers, or animals you come across. Photography has no rules (just as long as you don’t take pictures of other people without consent.) If you’re using your phone, you can also play around with photo editing apps to make your pictures even more unique!

Tools For Photography:

  • camera of any kind
  • photo editing apps (optional)

I hope these simple ideas for art therapy projects for the unartistic have inspired you to maybe edge out of your comfort zone a bit. Here’s to discovering new possibilities and creativity through art!

Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

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