Action Achieves Goals

It is very easy and a lot of fun to talk about dreams and goals and a great future. Achieving these dreams is not so easy as all wise people know. We need to build our dreams on the solid ground of action rather than the shifting sands of talk. The Red Indians of America know how to summarize great truths in a few choice words.

In the perceptive western, “Broken Arrow”, Cochise, the wise Apache chief, scolds the wise American scout, acted by James Stewart:

“To talk of peace is easy; to live it is not easy. Are you a child that you thought peace would come easy?”

The Italians also have a way with words. Garibaldi, the great Italian soldier and patriot said much the same thing:

“Give me the ready hand rather than the ready tongue.”

Talk is easy. Planning is easy. Making promises is easy.

Doing what we say is the difficult part. Carrying out our plans is not easy. Keeping our promises is the hard part.

Recently, a top instructor in my martial art, Choikwangdo, which is based in Atlanta Georgia, spoke about how some UK instructors go to Atlanta and are so inspired that they are totally gung-ho and ready to take on the world. By the time they get back to the UK and it is pouring with rain some of the inspiration has departed!

This happens at most seminars where a great dream is promoted. Every one leaves charged up and ready to achieve their dream but unless they take action immediately and regularly the dream will soon die. Talk is cheap!

I am old enough to remember the Charles Atlas’ promise. Buy his course and the next time the bully kicks sand in your face you will be ready! Many bought his course but how many practiced what he taught? The bully was still kicking sand in many faces!

We can excuse children for giving up when they discover that something is not easy and might even involve some hard and boring work.

An adult should know better and should think carefully before making any promises that involve hard graft.

On the other hand, promises can be useful as motivation to get on with doing what we promise. It is also fun to do things which we have not promised to do.

Businessmen and women who give their customers more than they have promised usually retain those customers for life. Many internet gurus sell their products together with a huge pile of bonuses.

Then they deliver more. Even after you have bought their product and downloaded the bonuses, they will send an email with more bonuses just to thank you for buying their product. These gurus know how to create lifetime good will.

“For each day of peace we will pile one stone upon another,” said Cochise.

The great chief knew the value of living day by day and the value keeping score and the value of celebrating each daily victory.

Proponents of the power of affirmation and visualisation suggest celebrating in advance of the victory.

This could encourage the universe to create events which are in tune with the celebration and create a confidence in ourselves that will allow us to make full use of all our powers to help us achieve our goals.

In the end Cochise achieved peace. He knew what it would take.

It was Geronimo who continued the war.

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Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

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