3 Digital Apps to benefit from Journaling

Not all journaling is done by hand – there are 3 digital apps you can use to still benefit from journaling. Even though bullet journaling, in particular, has become a go-to tool for staying organized and thinking clearly here are a few apps to take a look at to improve your journaling capabilities.

The Companion V.2

If you’re interested in bullet journaling, or if it’s already part of your life, consider The Companion, from the original inventor of the bullet journal technique. This app lets you store your past journal entries and access them even if you don’t have your journal nearby, and it lets you set reminders about your journal entries and helps you stay mindful during the day.

An included guide helps you learn how to use bullet journaling most effectively, while the 72-hour log gives you a place to jot down potential bullet journal entries. Official bullet journal articles delivered through the app help you stay up to date with the latest sources of inspiration from the bullet journal community. If you’ve never journaled before, bullet journaling is a perfect way to start.


For a more open-ended journaling option, make sure to take a look at Daylio. Billed as a micro-diary app, Daylio offers options for jotting down quick notes, tracking your mood, or even writing full-fledged journal entries. Data is kept private, and you can store your entries on Google Drive so you can more easily recall them later.

Various visual elements, including a large database of colorful icons, lets you better organize and recall your various entries. When it comes to flexibility, Daylio is hard to beat, making it valuable both as a primary journaling tool and a complement to other techniques.

Five Minute Journal App

Perhaps the most difficult part of journaling is simply getting started and making a commitment. Here’s where the Five Minute Journal technique shines, and it’s available in app form to help you get up and running with only a few taps.

Three questions in the morning, followed by two at night, help you set a journaling habit that inspires you and encourages you to reflect on what is most important to you and how you can reach your goals. Although it might not be the only journaling app you use, the Five Minute Journal app is a great way to start building life-changing habits.

Journaling covers a wide base of activities, and there’s no way to predict exactly how your journaling will evolve over time. Fortunately, there are a ton of great techniques and apps to choose from, so make sure to take a look to find out what’s best for you. After all, the right journaling technique or app is the one you’ll use continuously.

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