25 ways to feel and be abundant

Jun 19, 2019Abundance

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It can be challenging to feel and be abundant when the bills are piling up, unexpected bills keep showing up and there just doesn’t seem to be enough to go around.

I too have experienced this over the years and here are a 25 ways to help you feel and be more abundant. Choose the ones that feel good and resonate with you.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal
  2. Write daily affirmations
  3. Track your money
  4. Be aware of the language you use
  5. Set goals that help you feel this way
  6. Take action on those goals
  7. Keep a budget and stick to it
  8. Change your passwords to money goals
  9. Set your phone with positive reminders
  10. Don’t give discounts on your work – value it
  11. Declutter your space
  12. Give thanks to money coming in
  13. Uncover your money story
  14. Rewrite your money story
  15. Reward yourself for goals achieved
  16. Treat yourself when it feels good to do so
  17. Balance your needs versus wants
  18. Start investing
  19. Start a savings account
  20. Be of service
  21. Do acts of kindness
  22. Volunteer (time, money etc)
  23. Sip your favorite drink and take in all the goodness in your life
  24. Appreciate your friendships
  25. Do something you have been wanting to do

These are here to help you get started. Word of caution, don’t expect overnight changes or shifts – although they could happen.


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