5 Ways to Speed Up Your Product Creation Process

In every business, time is essential. The earlier you create your product, the sooner you’ll start making sales. That’s why you need to facilitate your product creation process. However, do not sacrifice quality for speed.

A better turnaround time is no excuse for a low-quality product or a poorly designed product. You’ve got to balance the two. Here are a few tips to expedite your product creation process without jeopardizing the quality of your products.

1. Hire the Experts

You’re a coach, not an expert in the creation of digital products (I’m guessing) so why would you try to create a digital product all by yourself? As the old saying goes, “A little bit of knowledge is dangerous,” so, instead of relying on your little bit of knowledge, just hire the experts.

No number of YouTube tutorials can compare to the several years of experience and expertise of your copywriters, designers, and virtual assistant. These experts also know the latest software programs, how to create an efficient production system, and the questions to ask when problems arise. Do you really have the time to deal with all these things on top of your regular coaching clients?

Hiring trusted experts also saves money. What if, after spending a lot of time, money, and other resources to create a digital product, it turns out to be below par? Nothing can be more annoying, demoralizing, and frustrating than that. Avoid this catastrophe by hiring experts from the beginning.

2. Ask for referrals from business associates

You should understand that the pedigree of the experts you hire will either make or mar the quality of your products. Unfortunately, hiring can be a long process on its own unless you rely on the kindness of your business peers to share the name of their trusted experts, vendors, or service providers with proven track records. Even if these vendors charge a higher price than someone just starting out, their charges are worth it because of their years of experience.

3. Create a detailed outline of your product

The more your vendor understands your needs, the better for you. Naturally, great service providers will ask a lot of questions. In fact, answering questions will put you and your contractor on the same page with regard to your proposed product. However, it could lead to a lot of back and forth, slowing down your process.

So, you should create a detailed outline of your proposed product beforehand. Give it to the team that you hired. It will help to limit the number of questions they’ll ask, and it’ll save your time as well.

4. Start with content you already have

If you have created a similar digital product or content, why not repurpose it? You’ve already put the time in to create this content so don’t just let it sit, collecting dust. Modify those blog posts into an eBook or create a workbook based on those same posts. It will be faster than starting from scratch and is easier done with digital products. Transcribe some videos or podcast episodes into an eBook. Develop some checklists from these same products. Your choices are limited only by your own imagination.

You may still want to hire an editor to be sure all these individual blog posts flow together nicely but that charge will still be less than hiring a copywriter AND an editor for this project.

5. Create a streamlined system for your production

Streamlining all the tasks you intend to carry out to create your products from the beginning to the end will speed up production as it prevents you from leaving out any task. Document the step you take, make notes of things that can be done differently and follow this same process for every product you produce. Use either Trello or Asana to develop a master list of the necessary tasks.

Finally, when you apply all the tips above to your product creation process, you’ll notice a tremendous improvement in the speed of the process. Some of them may be difficult to apply initially, but with time, you’ll master them.

What’s the Next Step After Product Creation?

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