Over the years I discovered through pretending to be someone else i.e. the perfect housewife to just being myself is riddled with trying to figure out the path to happiness. And then repeat the process anytime you feel trapped in an environment you don’t want to be in -your job, your relationship – just name a point in your life that sucks. Happiness is personal.

And yes, you can take inspired action and be motivated to create the change you want in your life and go after your dreams + goals.

It is not that easy though. You will have to come out of your comfort zones to discover potentials and opportunities waiting for you. You have to conquer your fear and take calculated risks. You have to stay focused and persevere despite the difficulties you will encounter.

Achieving your dreams + goals require you to put in your heart, passion and time and learn from your experiences.

Your path to happiness is personal and is a collaboration from your inside world working with the outside world. And may be some of the tips below won’t work for you, but then again they may.

Learn to love your current situation.

See all the positive sides of life. Be enthusiastic. Love your boss, your coworkers, your family, your friends, and even strangers that you meet on the streets.

It may not be easy, but nothing is impossible with strong will power. Just do not fall in love so much that you totally forget about your dreams. Love, but try to hold on to reality.

There was nothing to love about the situation when my son was in critical condition and it sucked major donkey balls but giving love to all those that were involved in our journey during that time, made a difference.

Balance is the key.

Dream and take some positive action to move you toward your goals. Take it one step at a time.

While you are slowly starting on the long journey to success, be patient and be as enthusiastic. Do not hurry up too much that you totally forget how to enjoy life. Some mountains can’t be climbed in one day but maybe if you appreciate what you encounter on your path to happiness, things will be a bit easier. And no, every day will not be a good day but perhaps that’s the moment to take a rest and honor yourself and bring yourself back to balance.

Stay humble.

This world wants you to believe everything has to be a competition but seriously no, no it doesn’t. Don’t criticize the people when you see yourself feeling a bit lighter, happier and more successful. Instead, try to help them, be a mentor or a friend.

Your path to happiness starts with the courage and desire to improve your life. And what you initially thought would bring you happiness – may not be the thing – it’s okay to change direction and create a new path any time you feel like you’re heading down the wrong way.

Dream + Play Bigger!



Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

The Rebels Den

Author + Artist, a Goal Coach + Business Strategist. Petra helps freedom-seeking Rebels + Creatives to follow their intuition, embrace who they are while they taking action towards their dreams + goals - whether it’s writing a book, starting a business or just focusing on personal goals. Petra uses her personal story to inspire and motivate people into doing the work they need to do to create change because she believes that your excuses are just avoidance. You can have the cake and eat it too if you're willing to show up for it!
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